Riehl Engineering, Ltd - Professional Engineers

Riehl Engineering, Ltd offers the highest value engineering services for commercial, industrial and manufacturing clients.

Riehl Engineering, Ltd strives to provide green solutions to complex engineering problems facing today's customers. At Riehl Engineering, our greatest advantage is our multi - disciplinary company structure. Our chemical, mechanical, electrical and materials engineers work closely on each project to ensure an optimum design with the best possible cost schedule with a minimual environmental impact.

Research and Development

Riehl Engineering, Ltd offers cost effective R&D services for its customers. Our engineers have expertise in a wide variety of topics. We have extensive experience in developing innovative solutions to unique problems. This may be in the form of developing a novel heavy metal removal scheme from a wetland to the development of a new anti-corrosion coating.

Contract Engineering

If your company does not or cannot support a full time engineering staff, Riehl Engineering can help you meet your business goals by utilizing our engineers on a contract basis.

Consulting Engineering

Riehl Engineering offers traditional consulting and design engineering services for the commercial, industrial and manufactirng markets.

Materials Development

At Riehl Engineering, we understand that many of today's advances depend on the development of new materials or processes. Our engineers can help you develop that next generation of technology.

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